From Baku to Teheran

In Baku I met Diego.
He hitchhiked from his hometown in Italy (more or less) all the way to Azerbaijan.
In Baku we spent a lot of time together. His plan was to go to Teheran, too. I think it was only one or two days, when he told me, that he wanted to buy a cheap bicycle and join me until there. I was surprised but pretty excited about the idea. It took us some days to figure out all the visa stuff, also we tried to get a visa for Pakistan (not gonna happen if you are not in your home country) and for India (check!). After that Diego really managed to find a bike.
We strapped his Backpack on it, said goodbye to the city that had already bored us to death and went off.
YEAH. On the road again.
After only a few days in Azerbaijan, we had to cycle in some heavy rain.
When we reached the Bordertown Astara, we had to take a cheap hotel to dry us and our things. Not really useful, because the rain did not stop when we crossed the border to Iran the next day. Luckily we got invited to the house of a friendly Iranian family. Another day of rain should have been the last and we woke up in the first sunbeams after being tortured of litres and litres of rain. That morning we enjoyed some leftover bread, honey and coffee in the sun. The view of the mountains at the horizon with snow on the top and some cows paying us a visit.
Then climate changed. The heat started and Iran wants you to wear long trousers. At least if you hop off the bike..
Trucks, Trucks, Trucks, Trucks and some Trucks passed by us and it was really hard sometimes to enjoy the beautiful surrounding. Though, after a few more days of cycling, climbing the Mountain from the coast, we reached Teheran. Maybe the ugliest city of my trip so far.
Diego and I spent some time in Teheran, sold his bicycle, survived the undescribable traffic and then our ways split. He booked a flight to India, I wanted to cycle down to see Isfahan, Shiraz and my final destination to leave Iran: Bandar Abbas. There my plan was to take the ferry to Dubai..
Several things happened to change my plans, though.
But first of all, enjoy some of the places we have been on our journey from Baku to Teheran:

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