Osama: The next Roger Federer.


In Istanbul I was able to meet Osama from Jordan. 
Multiple reasons made him leave his family and his country. 
Of course money is playing a big role in this matter and I would love to share more details about this, but I respect his privacy.
I met him the first day at the hostel, when he entered the building dressed in sportswear and with an attitude like he was playing tennis since years. My impression was wrong.
He explained to me, that he just left Jordan to go to Egypt to start playing tennis there.
Why Tennis? Because you can easily make money if you win only a few pro tournaments. 
Why Egypt? Because it is way cheaper there to play on a court than in Jordan.
Osama made great progress and learned quick: 

After a while in Egypt he was reading online about free tennis courts in Istanbul, so he went to Turkey after a few weeks. 
Here in Istanbul he was going to the court every day, often twice. Meeting other players who first did not take him serious, but saw the progress and helped him out with the training. 

I was able to walk with him to the court one last day, before he left Istanbul after four weeks and took some pictures of him.
I wish I could help him out anyhow, but at least I was able to make him smile with my pictures 🙂
The next morning he left to take a bus to Georgia, where the living costs are less expensive, to realize his current dream: Become a pro tennis player, to earn money, to be able to go back home to Jordan and see his kids again.

It was my pleasure bro, stay a few more weeks in Georgia and i’ll catch up with you.


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