From Maroneia to Istanbul

The morning I left Maroneia, I woke up at 6am with my bags ready to go. The first thing I noticed was the smell and the sound of rain. The temperature was pleasantly low. First it felt like again something wanted me to stay, but the second I stepped out of the door to get... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Maroneia.

We said goodbye, Apologized for the disturbance and drove back to Maroneia, laughing about the story, how we would crash into the Postmans home.

golden hour in Maroneia

This is 1 hour of Maroneia in 1 minute. The music is the outcome of a rookie garageband session a while ago. And YES.. I am still here, waiting for my plastic money…zzZ

Stuck in Maroneia ..

Stuck in Maroneia .. Ok. Yes. I wanted to chill. But this is enough. I am now stuck in Maroneia, waiting for a letter from Germany. Does anybody have any contacts to the greece mail service? Please let them know that I do want to keep riding! And that I do need this letter instantly..... Continue Reading →

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