Sofia (2017-06-14 – 2017-06-17)

Sofia (2017-06-14 - 2017-06-17) Hello Sofia! Hello again, Yannic! Hello social life, goodbye camera! In the hostel where I stayed I met Mike Straub. He is an actor from the states doing business in Bulgaria for years, or how he would say: “Google me!” 😉 When I wasn’t talking to him about the film business or... Continue Reading →

Belgrade (2017-06-07 – 2017-06-09)

Belgrade (2017-06-07 - 2017-06-09) As quick as my Co-Rider Dr. Yannic showed up in my bikelife he also disappeared again. I wanted to take a break in Belgrade to update my blog. Wow. Worked pretty well, didnt it? So I am writing now from (spoileralert!) greece and will sum things up. After a big goodbye... Continue Reading →

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