Sofia to Maroneia (Bulgaria to Greece: 2017-06-17 – 2017-06-22) Part 2/3

Sofia to Maroneia (Bulgaria to Greece: 2017-06-17 – 2017-06-22) Part 2/3

How great is it to wake up underneath (?) a rainbow. And on top: That View!
There was even fresh water nearby. After having a coffee in my tent, waiting for the last raindrops to pass by and letting my tent dry in the sun, I was ready to go to greece. After 103 km down the hills I had one last night in Bulgaria, wildcamping a few km before the border appeared.
I left bulgaria at the border, where some old bulgarian fishermen in a car who wanted to go (guess?) fishing in greece could not believe me when I was telling them that I came from germany by bike. Actually I totally lost the ratio of time and places. I turns out that I am around for two months now, the day I write this entry.
Whatever. I had to ride a few hundred meters through a fenced no-man’s-land that ended in a tunnel to reach the greece frontier. That was the first time when I got stuck in a small traffic jam before I was able to enter another country.
When it was my turn to show my passport everything went well again and I was in GREECE! Hello There!


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