Stuck in Maroneia ..

Stuck in Maroneia ..

Ok. Yes. I wanted to chill. But this is enough.
I am now stuck in Maroneia, waiting for a letter from Germany.
Does anybody have any contacts to the greece mail service? Please let them know that I do want to keep riding! And that I do need this letter instantly..
I even started to stack stones already..
The two guys above on the motorcycle are Jonny, a boat engineer and Evi, a law student. “The most loving couple in greece” How she called themself.
No doubts about that. The only thing I would add: The couple that smokes the most cigarettes in greece. Drive safe, guys!
They are relatives of Petros, the owner of Pension Petran, where I am staying at the moment and spend to much of my money for food and a bed…


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